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Ness [userpic]
Go Card
by Ness (ness_va)
at July 1st, 2008 (05:15 pm)

With the announcment that the Go Card will be cheaper, are many of you going to swap from paper tickets to the card?

I'm still undecided. I sometimes make many trips on a daily ticket, and I wonder how it balances out in the end - not getting "free" trips but half price.

Does anyone know how the 2hr transfers work on the Go Card?

Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen [userpic]
no love
by Herkko Rosvo-Ronkainen (missingkeys)
at December 23rd, 2007 (10:42 pm)

I can catch about six buses without walking more than 150 metres from my house. I can even, allegedly, catch two from my front door. There's a bus stop right outside, it even has a seat. This annoys the hell out of me on many levels because it means I can't park in front of my house (bus stop) my neighbour's (she's on a corner) or in front of the other neighbour's house (they've got like six people living there and as many cars). My true rant comes with the 'allegedly'.

The bus sign has times on it, like they all do. I've no idea what the times actually apply to, because they're certainly not indicative of when the buses come by. As best I can tell, the buses come fifteen minutes plus however long it takes to walk halfway to the next stop to catch a different bus after the time on the sign. But if I wait rather than walking to the other stop they just don't show up. I think they wait at the top of the street for me to walk off.

The stop around the corner, OTOH, also bears no relation to The Actual Bus Times. Neither, as it turns out, does transinfo. In their haste to keep changing the bus times on me they seem to have put a sign up for an update two years ago, and updated transinfo according to the update one year ago (I actually don't know when the updates happened, but these are just examples) and there's no honest way of knowing now when the bus will show up.

I suppose I shouldn't whinge too much because I really can just catch nearly any bus that comes along. But I've actually needed to catch certain buses before, and if I absolutely need to catch the first bus to get somewhere on time I'd like to know that that bus is either transinfo's 6.45, the bus stop's 6.36 (and isn't that just a bitch to find out when you're there at 6.40?) or 6.53 when it actually showed up... just as I bundled myself and my daughter into the car of the old butcher who's friends with our neighbour and who noticed us from his apartment window and offered to drive us when it became apparent I was going to die of bus stress. Bus times = no love. Should I be grateful that I don't have an electronic sign with incorrect information to mess with my head as well?

Ness [userpic]
by Ness (ness_va)
at December 10th, 2007 (08:05 pm)

current mood: frustrated

I was on the train from Toombul to Sandgate this afternoon and when I got on there were two teenaged girls playing music loudly from the speaker of a mobile phone.

I nicely asked them to turn it down. (See, I was being very nice, I didn't even ask them to turn it off, like I should have.)

They did.

For a while.

Then they started to creep the noise back up, giggle when swear words were said, and what not.

Eventually the noise just ended up at a really loud volume again.

That all took about half a dozen stations. I was being patient.

Then when the noise got incredibly loud I got peeved. I asked them rather loudly (I had to, in order to be heard over the noise) to turn it down, use headphones like the rest of the world does and that if they didn't, I'd be going to get the train guard.

Some of the other passengers on the train clapped me, agreed out loud, etc. (Which was good and all but it probably would have been nicer if they'd done it earlier... but I know not everyone is comfortable speaking up in situations like this.)

The girls giggled a bit and turned it down little again but basically didn't do anything, and once again it ended up at a loud volume.

I got up and at the next station (Boondall, I think) I got off the train to speak to the train guard. The girls turned down the volume quick smart when I got up. I told him that there were two girls playing music at a really loud volume and have been asked to turn it down and keep refusing to. The guard didn't really say anything, apart from asking me where I was getting off, but he did change to the guard carriage in the front set of 3, rather than the back set of 3 as they're usually in.

Stupid me, I assumed this was so inbetween stations he could come into the carriage and tell them off for breaking QR rules.

Nothing happened.

The girls got a little distracted by a gentleman (I use the term with creative licence) who got on and started chatting them up, so had to turn it down a little.

When I got off at Sandgate, I passed the train guard and he just gave me a weak little smile.

What is the point of having train guards if they don't do anything? If it's not their responsibility then whos responsibility is it? What have others found to be a successful way of dealing with this? Is there anywhere I can or should complain to about the guard not doing anything?

To be honest I think I would have gotten more of a response from the girls if I'd speakers and some loud embarasing pop song rather than the "cool" rap they had on. But sinking to someone's level doesn't work in the long run.

Ness [userpic]
Bowen Hills
by Ness (ness_va)
at October 22nd, 2007 (06:16 pm)

Does anyone know what happened at Bowen Hills this morning? I was on a Roma Street train, and just coming out of Albion we ended up being delayed as there had been a medical emergency on platform one at Bowen Hills.

About 5 or 10 mins later, we were told someone had collapsed on platform one, but there would be futher delay as someone had also had a medical emergency on platform 3!

Our train ended up diverted through the ekka line, to Roma Street, Central and then to Bowen Hills.

I haven't caught the news so far tonight but I haven't seen anything online either.

What are the odds of two medical emergencies, both on the inbound platforms, at one station within such a short period of time?

Dan [userpic]
Route Number Please??
by Dan (virtualdan)
at June 30th, 2007 (01:13 am)

Hi folks...

Just wondering if anyone could give me a heads up as to what bus route travels along Arthur Terrace Red Hill?


cheesecheese [userpic]
Beenleigh line was broken. Bus connection. Took too long, needed another ticket. DRAMA!
by cheesecheese (cheesecheese)
at June 18th, 2007 (12:02 am)

Handy hint:
Those new ticket machines at train stations are awful, I know. As awful as they are, be sure to resist the urge to kick one if its playing up. No change? Not displaying your station? Don't kick it.
ESPECIALLY don't kick it when a ticket officer/inspector person is standing 3 feet away.
They're alarmed. Kick it and it starts screeching a horrible noise that a guard has to come and turn off manually. The fine for setting off the alarm is $300.
Second hint:
You can get away with kicking the ticket machine if you're dressed in professional/office-type clothes, are a young female. Both helps.

I plan on kicking my second ticket machine tomorrow. Not enough to break it - they're built like solid steel bricks - but just enough to set the alarm off. I may start testing these machines to see how easily their alarms are tripped. I hate these machines. I hate them SO MUCH! So poorly designed, so enormous, such an annoying interface, combined with my personal hatred of touch-screens on public facilities (Chermide shopping centre's Information panels, anyone?) and to top it all off, there's that Microsoft patented 'DING!' noise that is played each time you touch the screen.
I work in IT, those machines are only worth scrap metal. I'd genuinely like to hear from anyone who feels the new machines are an improvement on the old button/keypad ones. The new ones aren't going away and I don't want to be known as a serial vending machine kicker. Help me love these hideous wastes of money?

cheesecheese [userpic]
Sexy bus driver? Was it my imagination?
by cheesecheese (cheesecheese)
at June 13th, 2007 (09:22 pm)

I've seen lots of ads inside buses lately advertising jobs vacant for new bus drivers. While the photos of potential bus drivers on the ads all show older people in the drivers seats, today my bus driver was on his very first shift. And he wasn't old. OR fat!
Have you ever had a young, hot bus driver before? With cool sideburns? Who lets you get on the bus anyway even if you can't find your ticket? :D
He did get the route wrong at one point and drove straight past my stop but he is still my favourite bus driver of the year. Thumbs up for the driver of the 599 that departed Sunnybank at 5:43pm this evening!

Profanity ahoy! \o/
by Amy without a last name (aevil)
at June 12th, 2007 (06:27 pm)

current location: desk
current mood: aggravated
current song: FM Static - Nice Piece of Art

I was stuck at mater hill for some assfuckery period of time this afternoon trying to get home. It should NOT be that hard to get on a goddamned bus.

First there's the fact that the buses are always running out of synch and late and blah blah blah. But ... whatever. It happens. The roads are somewhat of a madhouse at 4 in the afternoon.

Then there's the fact that ONLY, and seriously ONLY in the case of an angry, yelling bus driver do patrons actually shift their fat fucking lazy asses all the way to the BACK of the bus so it can be filled to capacity. What the HELL is so goddamned hard about that, you stupid, thick-necked stiff SUITS? Sure, a bus ride of what you perceive to be slight discomfort... SAVES ME AND MANY OTHERS OVER HALF AN HOUR OF GETTING TOLD 'NO THE BUS IS FULL' WHEN IT CLEARLY ISN'T.

Plus, hey, THREE TIMES IN A ROW it was me that got told that the bus was full. Sorry, but that doesn't happen by accident.

Is it because I'm fat? Look, I'm not morbidly obese, and just because omgzzzz nt saize zero does not mean 'has sat on fat ass all day eating cheezels'.

Maybe it's because I'm young? If that's it, then fuck YOU, judgemental ASSHOLES. Fuck you in the ARSE sans lube. I would bet ANY money that my day has been much, MUCH more stressful than yours of tapping away at a computer, making coffee and gossiping over the free biscuits (I have worked an office job. TBH, it's not stressful or tiring at all. Now i understand how people can go to the gym after work) Try cramming until 3am for the fourth night in a row, getting out of bed at 7:15, travelling an hour to get to uni, cramming there until an exam, in which you sit for two hours. Then add several dashes across campus and a big long walk with The Boy with a bag containing three exercise books and three text books. I've done both days. I know which is worse (don't even get me STARTED on this whole 'school kids need to give up their seats for adults' bs. School kids can have HORRIBLE days)

It could be because I smile as I approach the driver. Maybe I should change my approach from showing my teeth because it's not the DRIVER'S fault I'm in a foul mood to SNARLING AS I BARE THEM. Maybe then I won't be such a pushover.

OR, maybe it's because I'm a girl, and I have dyed hair, and my bag is pretty? Well HA. I'm NOT a girly girl. If you open my bag, you will see it contains text books and exercise books. You will see it contains many cans of V, as it is what I'm running on instead of sleep atm. I know, it's pretty and it's shiny and it looks all 'designer' and 'i give a fuck what i look like'. But it's FUNCTIONAL. Do you REALLY think I need a bag so big that it could double as a Kenyan Sunday School for my TAMPONS? Maybe you should avert your eyes while i grab my wallet, just in case a few HUNDRED OF THE FUCKERS come spilling out.

Whatever it is, it's bullshit. I've had a rough day. I'm in a bad mood. And I did not get home till 6pm, even though I was at the bus stop by 4. I feel like, for SOME REASON, I'm being singled out as unworthy of getting on the bus, even though primped skirt-suits manage to sneak their way on in front of me. AND I'm sick of seeing half-empty buses shoot past cause for some reason standing at the back of the bus causes spontaneous outbreaks of, I'm assuming, leprosy. Or AIDS. Possibly both?

by Amy without a last name (aevil)
at May 22nd, 2007 (01:40 am)

current location: bed
current mood: angry
current song: Albibeno, by Infected Mushroom

I left my wallet on the bus this afternoon. Well, not afternoon. Make that night, seeing as I got on the damned thing at UQ Lakes at something like 7:05 pm.

Now, being an impoverished uni student who gets paid IN CASH, this was a worry.

a) I was out of cash, which just so happened to be my week's money
b) My student card!! My beloved 'I'm poor, give me discount!' card! I want it back!!
c) My wallet is pretty and aquamarine and it matches my nail polish. Want. ~.^
d) I hate cancelling all my cards and living out of someone else's pockets till the new ones come in the mail.

I got off at Carindale and it wasn't until I'd sat down and went rooting through my bag of tricks that I realised the wallet was gone. And what do you know, so's the bus. Someone was kind enough to suggest I ask the bus driver of the 200 near us if he could use his radio to maybe let someone know (so that the driver could collect the wallet before it got stolen, at least) which I honestly believed was a fair question. Cranky Russian Bus-Driving Assrag, however, did not, and saw fit to yell at me about how the radio was for 'emergencies only'.

(I know it's not for EMERGENCIES emergencies only, because plenty of things get called through on the radio that i'd hardly classify 'gun held to head' emergencies. Lost wallet, IMO, counts as a radio-worthy emergency)

I borrowed some money and called up my father, who called up TransInfo who basically said 'get over it, and call back in the morning'. So, he brought me my car, and we drove to the Depot, where FINALLY someone did something more than the backhand of duty, and helped me track down the bus. He got the timetable and told me two times that the bus would be back at Carindale.

I wish I'd gotten the man's name :(

After waiting at Carindale for about an hour, the bus finally rolled back in at around 9. I got on, and the driver let me have a poke around for my wallet. It wasn't on any of the seats. It wasn't on the floor near any of the seats. Great, I thought, it's stolen and I'm rogered (lube excluded).

BUT LO! There lies my wallet, right next to the driver, on the floor, seated nonchalantly underneath the ticket machine.

Don't ask me HOW the driver managed to have missed something that heavy slide right past him, and not notice it was a WALLET.

I'm so sick of hearing 'call back tomorrow' or 'i can't do anything' whenever there's a problem. If it wasn't urgent, why would I be pressing it? WHY are bus depots unmanned, save for drivers on break, at hours when buses are still running at significant capacity?!

And what the HELL is with this bullshit god complex some bus drivers seem to have that gives them the right to act like treating me like absolute crap is their god-given right?

Normally I'm *fairly* tolerant of these kinds of things, but tonight was the straw that broke the camel's back. I really need to find some way to get through to someone that time is not the only inconvenience patrons have to suffer on this public 'service'.

(this is not to say I don't have good stories about the buses - there are plenty of bus drivers who will make my day. They make me genuinely take the time to stop, make eye contact, say thank you and be SURE that they know I mean it before I get off. Nor is this to say that I don't have stories about how horrible PASSENGERS can be. But like I said. Straw, meet camel's back.)

by incessant sapience (timew)
at May 17th, 2007 (04:15 pm)

That stupid Give Way sign on the back of them thinks it gives them the right just to pull out whenever without checking their blind spot. I had this happen on the way to The Gap with one of those old grumpy bus drivers that get backbenched to the retirement routes. He pulled out without checking his blind spot where I was, so I hit my horn. What does he do? Starts getting angry and throwing his arms about. I'm thinking how stupid, since I only put my horn on to save my life... and his job. :S

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